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The Liberal government has introduced Bill C-7, a new euthanasia bill. This legislation would remove two vital safeguards: the general practice of a ten day reflection period before a person is euthanized and the requirement for two independent witnesses to confirm the person’s consent.

While these safeguards are minimal, they still play a role in protecting some vulnerable people. It is hard to explain why the government is rushing to remove safeguards which they once said were important. I will be working to keep those safeguards in place, by amending or defeating this bill.

It’s crucial for you to take action and send the government a message on this.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Click hereto read and share my article explaining the new legislation and making the case for, at the very least, preserving the existing safeguards.
  2. Please print the attached poster and petition to raise awareness and collect signatures to petition the government. Please send the first set of completed petitions to my office (no postage required) by Monday, March 30th.
  3. Do you have a story about euthanasia in Canada that you would like to share with me? If so, you may reply directly to this email or phone my office at (613) 995-3611.
  4. Contact your local MP.Click hereto find your MP and see how to contact them.

Thank you,

Garnett Genuis, MP

P.S. You can watch and share Part 1 and 2 of my speech responding to this bill as well. Click here for part 1, click here for part 2.


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While the Trudeau Liberals purport to champion the rights of women, they have left the door wide open to one of the greatest violations of women’s rights in the world the sex-selective abortion of preborn baby girlsGirls are being aborted just because they are girls.

Under the Trudeau government’s current policy, an abortion can be obtained for any reason or for no reason, through all nine months of pregnancy. This means that once the sex of a child is determined via ultrasound, parents have the option of ending the life of that child simply because they preferred a boy instead of a girl.

This new type of gender discrimination is not just a hypothetical possibility. It is happening right now, right here, in Canada.

This should be infuriating to anyone who cares about women’s rights – especially to anyone like Mr. Trudeau, who boasts of his self-proclaimed feminism. And yet Mr. Trudeau’s silence on this ultimate form of misogyny is deafening.


Support the sex-selective abortion ban bill!

On February 26, 2020, Cathay Wagantall (Member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville) table Bill C-233 “The Sex-Selective Abortion Act”.

We, the undersigned residents of Canada draw the attention of the Parliament of Canada to the following:

Whereas, sex selection abortion is legal as Canada has no legal restrictions on abortion;

Whereas, sex selective abortion is antithetical to our commitment to equality between men and women;

Whereas, a 2019 DART & Maru/Blue poll showed that 84% of Canadians believe it should be illegal to have an abortion if the family does not want the child to be a certain sex;

Whereas, international organizations including the World Health Organization, United Nations Women, and United Nations Children’s Fund have identified unequal sex ratios at birth as a growing problem internationally;

Whereas, Canada’s health care profession recognizes sex selection as a problem;

Therefore, we, the undersigned petitioners, call upon Parliament of Canada to:

pass Bill C-233, the Sex-Selective Abortion Act.  Click on this link to go to the petition so you can sign…….

                Advance Directive: The Health Care (Consent) and Care Facility (Admission) Act of BC, is a simple and legal way to protect yourself if you become incapable of making medical decisions for yourself.  For example, you can request that your life is NOT to be ended by euthanasia or assisted suicide. You can direct that your life not be intentionally shortened or intentionally overdosed or be dehydrated to death.  Now that euthanasia is legal in Canada the Health Care Act will protect you from those who might question your right to live. The most important thing is to be assured that ethical decisions will be made in your time of need and to appoint a trusted family member to be your power of attorney.  It is advisable that it be witnessed by a Lawyer or Notary Public. I received my Advance Directive through the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Rather than google, which can be confusing, I will gladly forward you the documents. Hildegard 250-832-8352      choose-life-sign-9341                                                                   Spiritual Adoption Program                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Would you like to adopt an unborn baby who is in danger of abortion? Once a day say this prayer “Jesus, Mary and Joseph I love you very much.  I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.” Prayer of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Say this prayer for nine months and then start again.  You may give the baby a name. Pray also for the mother. See the bulletin board for monthly posting starting with month one, ending with month nine. The little prayer cards “This must stop” are available in the vestibule.  The spiritual adoption prayers start March 1st. God bless everyone for caring for life in the womb.