Caring Community ( Refugee committee)

Update on the Syrian Families Sponsored By St. Joseph’s Church

May 15, 2017


The Al Kaed family:

The Al Kaeds have settled into their 3 bedroom apartment above Pro Air.  It is fairly convenient to Save On Foods and the Bus stop.  They seem to have all the couches, chairs, beds and kitchen equipment they need thanks to the generosity of many people, for donated items, the thrift shop, for free items, and Pro Air for free rent.  They are looking for a charcoal barbeque to cook some of their favorite meals.

The girls have settled into their school routine.  Jennifer and Angie are going to Bastion and in the French Immersion program. They were in French Immersion before they came to Canada.  They are adjusting to the new routines and teachers.  Jennifer loves to play on the playground equipment especially the swings. Angie is really into sports and is quite athletic. Elisaar started the new semester in February at SASS. Elisaar is taking P.E., Foods, Math and Drama.  She particularly likes Drama.  She just finished being in a production at her school.

Sarah (the Mom) is attending College ESL and the other ESL at the SA Community Church on Broadview.  She is able to read and understand quite a bit.  Andree helped to translate for a custodial course in Jan and February.  Andree’s spoken English is quite good and is planning to get into English 10 in the Fall.

Both Andree and Sarah have resumes.  This is helping immensely with job searching.   Andree is participating in the STEP program (Skills Training Employment Program) to get ready for jobs in the construction industry.  Sarah is an excellent cook and would like to get some part time work in the food industry.

The family have been participating in many activities for the last 6 months.  The girls love to go swimming at the pool.  They also tried out skating and cross country skiing along with their Mom.  The girls and Andree all have bikes, so this comes in handy to bike down to the store.

Sarah and the girls attended Mass and the pancake breakfast on Mother’s Day which they all enjoyed!

The Al Kaeds have been getting their teeth looked after by Dr. Jonathan Low.  Most of the dentistry has been done Pro Bono, so we owe a big THANK YOU to Dr. Low.  The dental work will be completed by early July.  Also a big THANK YOU to all the people who have been helping the family on a regular basis.

URGENT:  The family will need another place to stay in August.  They need at least a 2 preferably 3 bedroom place close to bus service and even better, close to Bastion.  They have to be out of their apartment because the Dept. of Highways is demolishing the building to make way for part of the new Highway in that area.



The Davud family:

The Davuds (Muhammed, Berivan and 2 year old Imran) have settled into their 1 bedroom apartment on 1st St SE (just two blocks south of our church).  It is convenient to downtown, No Frills and the Bus stop.  They have most of the household furniture and kitchen equipment they need thanks to the generosity of many people who donated items and also to the thrift shop for free items.  The sofa and chair they have has a few tears in the fabric so they are requesting a different set.  If anyone has a gently used sofa and chair or small charcoal BBQ, please contact Lynn Popien at 250-804-9789.

Muhammed and Berivan have been regularly attending English classes since they arrived in October.  English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are provided both at the College and at the SA Community church.  They attend English classes most days of the week and their English is starting to progress well.

Berivan’s older sister (Gulistan) and family have lived in Salmon Arm since Feb 2016 and are quite well established.  Gulistan, Lokman and their three children live in a house on 30th St. NE.  These two families spend a lot of time together.  Gulistan speaks English quite well so this has been helpful when communicating with Berivan and Muhammed.

Muhammed joined a men’s soccer league and enjoys playing as well as being part of the team. He has experience as a dry-waller and has done masonry/cement work in Syria.  He is interested in starting to search for employment now that his English is starting to improve. We will help him explore the STEP program (Skills Training Employment Program) to get ready for jobs in the construction industry.

Imran will have his third birthday on May 20.   He is a happy little boy and enjoys going to childcare while his mom and dad take English.  He also likes spending time with his cousins.  He loves going to Fletcher Park to play on the playground equipment.  He is starting to learn a few English words as well.

We are financially supporting this family to get their basic dental care (fillings, cleaning, etc) completed by Dr Gene Tymkiw in Salmon Arm.  It will be completed by the end of this month.