Altar Servers

Oct 2022……Dan and Kyla Ouillette are organizing the altar servers….

Dan – 867 445 7260
Kyla – 867 445 8007

 alter servers    Altar servers

Serving is an important way for our young people to become involved in the spiritual life of the Church. Altar servers add to the solemnity of the Mass and make it an offering that includes all generations. It gives youth an opportunity to understand the rewards of service toward others and their community. Of all those that contribute service during a Mass, outside of the priest, it is the servers who are most closely involved in the proceedings. The youth that dedicate themselves to altar serving do so with the sincere gratitude of the parish. They take their duties seriously and their presence enhances our devotions. It would be difficult to visualize a Sunday Mass without them.

At St. Josephs Catholic Church in Salmon Arm we have two servers serving at every Mass, and more on special occasions such as Easter Vigil and Good Friday.

The only requirements of becoming an alter server is that you have received your first Communion and are a practicing Catholic.