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Palliative Care in Canada: There are some appalling gaps in access to palliative care in Canada. A new study from the Canadian Institute for Health Information found that 42% of Canadians did not receive any palliative care at the end of their lives. And for many of those that did receive palliative care, the care came too late in their journey with a
life-altering illness. Although everyone should be able to access the support and care they need, the study also found many Canadians face barriers to palliative care based on their age, where they live, or their diagnosis. There’s no better time to tell federal Health Minister Yves Duclos that Canadians need better access to timely, quality palliative care. By the
end of this year, Minister Duclos and his department will be completing a report card on the Ministry’s 5-
year Action Plan on Palliative Care in Canada. Let him know that if access to palliative care doesn’t improve, more Canadians will be faced with no options to meet their needs at the end of their lives, or to improve their quality of life. It’s unconscionable that medical assistance in dying (MAiD) would be easier to access than palliative care and become
their only feasible choice. Thank you for your continued support of better care options for Canadians.


Shuswap Pro Life Petition – 1 Crime 2 Victims
MP Cathay Wagentall introduced Violence Against
Pregnant Women Act, Bill C-311. Studies show that
pregnant women are more likely than anyone else to
be victims of partner violence. It is well established
that the risk of violence against women increases
when they are pregnant, yet consequences for their
attackers do not increase. Right now, pre-born
children are not recognized as persons for the
purpose of the law, so their death or injury as victims
of crime cannot be legally counted. Canada is failing
its pregnant women and their pre-born children. A
crime against pregnant women has two victims.
Please help by changing this injustice by signing the
petition in the vestibule. For further info and actions