Baptism is the first of the three “Sacraments of Christian Initiation.”  Confirmation and Eucharist are the others.  Baptism welcomes the person into the family of God and membership in the Body of Christ.  It is a sacrament we receive only once.

Baptism is the greatest gift a person can receive, whether as an infant, child, or adult.  Baptism frees us from sin and starts us on our life-long journey to know and love God.  Baptism is not something to “get done” because of family tradition.  It is the entry into a Catholic Christian community and a life of faith in Jesus Christ.  This is why the Catholic Church encourages baptism in infancy rather than waiting until a child can choose for his/herself.  Why deprive a child of God’s special love and a good start in a life of faith by delaying baptism until later?