Social Justice

The social Justice committee is a part of our parish council at St. Joseph’s Church.   It is comprised of , Brian Ayotte, Teresa McKerral, Mary Baier, Susan McMillan, Laureen McKay and Catherine Kroetch & Bruce Weicker.. 

APRIL 18th………….On Saturday February 6, 2021, we visited the villages of San José de Oriente and La Huerta (El Zapote).
Both villages were hit by hurricanes late last year. It has been more than eight hours of travel and being
able to contemplate the harmony and beauty of nature, makes one think that in a matter of a moment
everything can disappear. When driving the car through the roads, you can see how they have worked
with machines to remove stones, dirt and trees that were blocking the way. How did people come out
during this tragedy because there is no other road? The spirit is creative and they tell us that between
all of them they were moving away debris to follow the road. It is incredible because in the midst of so
much pain that the people of these mountains have lived in, the capacity for resilience is evident in all
they have lost; all their material goods and even harder their loved ones. And even so the light in their
gaze does not go out because it is wedged in faith; there is the capacity to smile and maintain hope for
Faced with the magnitude of the destruction that we saw, the smallness and vulnerability of who we are
is felt, but hope is born when listening to the testimonies and especially when it is possible to
contemplate the trusting abandonment in the hands of God. Divine Providence has not been lacking,
which is not wasted in the generosity of those who give without expecting to receive anything in return.
In the first village of San José de Oriente they had lunch prepared for us. Dona Isabel made us together
with her family a delicious chicken broth. This lady is an example one of those who has lost 5 of her
relatives; a traumatic experience that has led to a whole process of acceptance and accompaniment by
the sisters who are assisting in this village. In Village of “San José de Oriente and the zapote”, we have
beheld the face of God!

Your purchase of Askew Grocery Cards will help Sr. Barrera support families in Santa Barbara,
Honduras. Thank you for your thoughtfulness

(Notes from the visit to the Village of “San José de Oriente and the zapote” in Santa Bárbara, Honduras)
It was a very enriching experience to see people who, even in the midst of so much suffering, are making
every effort to get ahead, who have not stood idly by, but in the midst of poverty, their children and
their children are fighting for their lives. Goodness is really seeing the face of God in the smile of the
children and the people who are getting up with great hope of gradually overcoming their losses, who at
the same time give thanks to God that they did not lose their lives. The religious presence was very

important to them since they felt blessed by God, and they felt that we would always keep them present
in our prayers. We thank God and feel blessed for the invitation to collaborate by giving of our time to
reach God’s favorites. And we are grateful for the fraternal welcome that our Notre Dame sisters gave,
and the staff who collaborate with them. We really feel as a family for their kindness, dedication and
service as well as the young women who were protagonists to also reach these people. To Sr. Lilian
Barrera we admire the leadership with which she executes the social ministry, bringing hope, joy and
desire to move forward to so many people who need it.
María Luisa Hernández, Franciscan of the Immaculate Conception
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Your purchase of Askew Grocery Cards will help Sr. Barrera support families in Santa Barbara,
Honduras. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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