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But Salmon Arm has a long-standing tradition that many use as their official marker of the fall season – the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) bazaar and tea.

The bazaar has been a popular event for more than 40 years and, over time, acquired the status of the harbinger of fall.

“It’s a social outing for ladies from the different churches,” says Jeri Meyers. “It’s quite truthfully the start of the new fall season. Summer is over, and you get together with your friends for tea and get into the fall routine.”

Linda Faust and Linda Painchaud mention other groups from neigbouring communities that have been coming to the bazaar for years, including the Armstrong Women’s Institute members.
It’s a lot of planning and preparation for the CWL but, as they all agree, it’s not really work when they get together to do something.

debbie & Boris Idzan 3Paying it forward ..with LOVE..  In memory of their cherished son, Tomas, the Idzans created a bursary after his sudden death in November of 2004.   The bursary is designed to aid young adults that have entered the workplace after post  secondary upgrades. This time of transition is difficult at best and the financial burden is immense. This is a wonderful way for Boris and Debbie to help people in need , just as Tomas always did! 

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Peter Klymchuk

Peter Klymchuk

In Christianity,  churches ring their  bells from belltowers  summoning the Christian faithful to Mass.       At St. Josephs, Peter Klymchuk, has been ringing our church bells since  2004.  The bells are physically rung by pulling on the rope    (each Sunday mass at  5  to the hour)   . Peter has this excercise down pat.  As a youngster, from a family with 9 children, Peter was an altar server at Hines Creek,Alberta.  He, and his wife Shirley,  moved to Salmon Arm in 2004 from Sorrento and before that , Swan Hills , Alberta  .He  keeps busy as  an active  member of the Salmon Arm Elks..Thanks ,Peter, for contributing to our Parish.


    Catherine Kroetch      is one of St. Josephs inspiring musicians. She enhances  the “mens” choir on the first Sunday mass of each month, providing musical accompaniment and leadership. She is magic on the keyboard and her  talents are an inspiration to the congregation.      Catherine is one of 10 children ( 7 brothers) born and raised near Strome, Alberta. and, YES, she rode the bus to school !  She moved to Salmon Arm in 1997 ( after spending a few years in Sorrento ,  where  Catholic mass was celebrated at St. Marys  Anglican church ) .  She also  belongs to the local choir group ,the Revellers, who hold sing-a-longs at Senior residences and also Christmas caroling at  the Mall. She loves the Salmon Arm community & St. Josephs parishioners . Her music ministry  is greatly appreciated by all of us. And  sadly ……….she is retiring from this music ministry.    She says  the Men’s  Choir was a very faith-filled, cooperative and spirited group to lead. Thanks so much. Catherine!  Happy retirement!

CRAZY CRAFTERS….. Word got out to our St. Josephs Crazy Crafters that 91 year old Ed Schmidt would love a quilt for his bed and they responded immediately. The bright & cheery quilt perks up his dreary room and Ed was very happy! The Crazy Crafters are….Cecile Traa,Theresa Verdurmen ,Cathy McNee,  Gerta Van Der Zweep, Kitty Nowicki, Nellie Rasmussen, Mary Sinhuber, Linda Faust, Rose Douville, Carmel Harford, Barb Hillary, Deanne Manz, Virginia Pukas, Lori Benson, Lois Bosch, Lilly Sebolt-Cziller, Marilyn Beasley, Norrie Hall, Audrey Schan, Donna Mitchell, Darlene Greentree. The group meets on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday of each month ( downstairs)at 1:30 to 3:30     They invite everyone to join them .( even just for coffee & conversation)



 Alex Lieble        Alex Leible   …….Alex has been a St. Joseph parishioner for 30 years and a Knight for 20 years. He and his wife Anne, (who passed away in 2006) moved here from Revelstoke. He worked at Overwaitea(Save-on) for 20 years and retired in 2010. Alex is a heart transplant recipient ( 1997) and still gets his yearly checkups in Vancouver at St. Pauls hospital. . You may know Alex as our main Head Usher at Sunday mass. He takes this ministry  seriously and usually does this 3 times a month . Alex still visits his 95 year old mother in Calgary each year,  as weather and road conditions permit. Thank you, Alex, for all the time you put in! …………………..printed with permission..